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Hello Tumblr-er’s!  VISE Travels has been away for quite awhile, but I am happy to say we are back on a limited basis.  Since our trip to Vegas last year, we haven’t been on any ‘major’ vacations.  However; in a little under 3 weeks time we will be taking a road trip to Florida from NY.  It is my hope that we will be able to share the travel experience with whomever feels like reading about it! 

Come back soon for more updates, and feel free to check us out on Twitter (we’ve been a bit more active there.) 

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Thanksgiving is just a few days away!!  Do you have any travel plans?  Are you driving or flying?

Are you planning on travelling this holiday season?  Are you a seasoned holiday traveller?  What are your tips for first time travelers?

GRACE Yourself

Ready to take a swim in style? You’re thinking Miami or Los Angeles, aren’t you? No need to set sail, you East Coast babe! This wet and wild paradise is in New York’s own backyard. The Hotel Grace is known for its infamous swim-up bar, providing the feel of a much more exotic location. This sophisticated hotel offers New Yorkers a form of relaxation that no other NYC hotspot could handle. So put on your monogrammed Christian Dior bikini and come chill at the coolest pool in town. You don’t have to be a guest at this hotel to experience its late night fun. Every Friday night, Grace holds pool parties where you can show off your newly toned body and drink cocktails in style for only $10.00 per person. Don’t feel like getting your hair extensions wet? Not to worry! For those less adventurous partygoers, there is a full bar on the opposite side of the pool where you can drink, stay dry and cuddle up with your beau in the cozy, candlelit booths. Whether you feel like lounging in a pool or kicking back at the bar, Grace will surely fulfill your wildest poolside dreams;)

Tour on Toe:

Dying to take a weekend getaway to one of the trendiest cities in the world? Bummer! Your unavoidable student loans and designer purse addiction have left you far from becoming a member of the “rolling in the dough” club. Not to worry! One King West Hotel and Residence will give you the royal treatment for only a fraction of the cost of a four-star hotel in other bustling metropolises, such as New York City or Miami. From the elegant crystal chandeliers in the lobby to the bountiful domestic amenities presented to you in the hotel room, One King West allows you to live like a celebrity for a night (or however long you plan to stay) without breaking the bank! In just a standard room, guests are given the “home away from home” experience , ranging from a full dish washer and stove-top to an in-room washer/dryer, all helping to make your stay more relaxing yet with a familiar feel… Can’t bear to be disconnected from your virtual life for more than five minutes and don’t have the “Whatsapp” International texting App on your BlackBerry? Luckily, West allows you to keep up with your closest pals on Facebook and Twitter, thanks to their free Wireless Internet offered in the lobby. Feeling like you should stay in and throw a party? Think again, you are in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Go explore! For those of you who hate city driving and prefer to leave your precious white Lexus at home to avoid Jersey Shore-like debacles on the road, West is in walking distant of all the talked-about Toronto hotspots, including Dundas Square and Eaton Centre (aka Shopaholics’ Heaven). With the hotel and the heart of downtown in such close proximity, no need to pay extra for those tacky blue and orange cabs! Just let your Louis Vuitton pumps lead the way…

Do you have a dream?

Where would you take your dream vacation if you had the choice?  I would take a trip to China! 

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